The Vineyard movement has ingrained as part of its DNA this phrase: ‘everyone gets to play’. This idea finds its origins in Scripture, namely the concept of the priesthood of believers. We believe that everyone can participate in the mission and life of this community, and in order to help us do so our community is facilitated by number of leaders with different responsibilities (Elders, Directors, Leadership Teams & Staff).

Christchurch and Strathcona share equal representation of persons on the Elders and Directors, but maintain their own distinct leadership teams and Pastoral Staff (Dawn Humphries & Naomi Lippett). Both communities also share one admin staff member, Christine Pendleton.


The current leadership team for Christchurch Vineyard (June 2015) are as follows:

Vic Cornish :: find out about Vic HERE
Gerry Cornish :: find out about Gerry HERE

Currently we operate as a shared leadership where each leader shares equally the position, authority and responsibility of office, operating under the headship of Christ. Some of the leadership may be paid vocational leaders, otherwise known as pastoral staff. Others are non-vocational.

We commit to a year of serving in this capacity, and at the end of the duration, assess through a process of personal discernment and input from various external circles of relational and spiritual influence, as to whether it is good to continue serving in this capacity; or for more serious cases through a process of accountability. Hearing God collectively as Christchurch is also key in the discerning process.